The Denver Dolls

Colorado’s Most Beloved, Year-round, Vintage Tribute Group!

 Meet The Denver Dolls: a sassy, all-female trio of professional performers based in colorful Colorado!   Inspired by beloved WWII Era Shows of the past, these darling Dolls root their musical style, beautiful look, and light-hearted performance in the tradition of the beloved female groups of the Thirties, Forties and Fifties (with just a smattering of music from today).   Built from the ground up by passionate musicians with decades of professional experience, The Denver Dolls are a delight for audiences of all ages!

Photo credit: Timothy Devine
Photo credit: Timothy Devine

Check out The Denver Dolls fabulous version of our beloved Star Spangled Banner, in their audition video for The Denver Broncos!

Nostalgic Holiday Caroling, featuring The Denver Dolls!